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The Morso 3112 Badger Multifuel Stove is a cast iron stove, providing a 5kw output and an impressive 81% efficiency, mixing both traditional and contemporary design - Making it ideal for use in almost any setting.
Morso Badger Stove features ribbed sides and a single door design, capable of burning log lengths up to 32cm long. And can also be used with different types of fuel: wood, briquettes, and smokeless fuel suitable for heating areas of up to 75 cubic metres.
The Morso 3112 Badger Stove's design provides an economical and efficient heat source with a primary and secondary air supply that maximizes efficiency, while the airwash system keeps the glass clean.
Morso Badger Radiant Stove also includes an ashpan and riddling grate, making this much easier to clean.

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